The owner, Clint Muhe, worked with his father, Dan Muhe, at Financial Freedom Loans serving as Director of Operations for 6 years.  FFL was in business for 30 years until Dan's retirement in the Summer of 2013.  Seeing as retirement was still a ways off for Clint, AAA Private Money was founded in November, 2013 and has successfully closed nearly 50 loans in the first full year in business.  

AAA Private Money or AAAPM, is a Carlsbad, CA based "hard money" lender. Our philosophy is that by avoiding narrow and often times bureaucratic lending guidelines, and evaluating properties on a logical loan-to-value basis (amongst other factors), we can provide our borrowers with the money they need to pursue the real estate investments of their dreams - without the hassle of big bank bureaucracy, stringent credit guidelines, and long approval processes.

We often say that we can approve your loan before other banks will even return your initial call. Our starting application form is available online, our process is short compared to traditional banks, and the entire process happens in-house. We don't redirect calls overseas, or outsource customer service, and we CAN get you the money you need to pursue your next investment property.


Unprecedented Customer Service from a Hard Money Lender

At AAAPM we are committed to fast, friendly, and dedicated customer service. Be it with our borrowers, investors, or brokers; our company is constantly striving towards improved responsiveness, increased efficiency, and an overall quality of experience from all facets of our operation.

In any dealings with AAAPM you can expect:
- Efficiency
- Responsiveness
- Professionalism

With over 7 years in the business and a lifetime of apprenticeship, you can rest easy knowing our extensive experience, knowledge of the market, and mastery of our product is working to your advantage. We deliver some of the most knowledgeable and grounded service and advice you will find anywhere in the lending industry. AAA Private Money hit the ground running in 2013 and is expecting continued growth over the coming years.


About The Owner

Clint Muhe was born and raised in San Diego, CA.  He has always had a passion for finance and economics. When Clint was in 8th grade he identified a product that was priced to move, while walking down the isles of Costco (Price Club at the time) he noticed he could buy candy for 15 cents a piece while it was sold for $1 in the student store.  He jumped at the opportunity and sold 100's over the year for 75 cents a piece to fellow students, a 500% profit.  Needless to say, from an early age he was able to identify a market need and fill it... much to the faculty's consternation. 

He graduated from Cal State San Marcos with a BA in Business Administration.  He worked at Verizon Wireless and was one of the top 20 sales associates nationwide.  In 2006 he started working at Financial Freedom Loans, where he was a huge asset in riding the tumultuous wave of the economic downturn and then helped grow the company until the owner's retirement in 2013.  At that point he took his passion for and experience of hard money and created his own company, AAA Private Money.  He loves his job and helping others make money!