Entering the New Year...

I just wanted to let you all know that I'll not be rolling over most of my personal Trust Deed investments and increasing my cash allocation as they payoff during the next 12 months barring any ultra conservative loan leads we come across.  I think we are almost certainly seeing the peak in the stock market and with the Fed hiking interest rates I think we are well overdue for a correction.  I have more faith in the RE market but I think we can all see it is overvalued too.

Of course you will do whatever you feel is best with your personal finances and I'll be here to assist however possible.  In my view, it's starting to feel like 2006 and I'd be surprised if we have more than a year or two left with this Fed fueled cheap-money bull market before we correct.  I doubt it will be on the 2008-09 scale but I still feel that having some dry powder to buy stocks, RE, Notes at depressed prices will be a once in a decade+ opportunity.  

Just something for you to mull over.