Getting Started with AAA Private Money Trust Deeds

  • Review our frequently asked questions page
  • Review the California Bureau of Real Estate's free Trust Deed Investment Kit for further information
  • Contact our Broker and schedule an appointment to discuss your investing needs: 760-828-8888
  • When an opportunity arises that fits your particular needs, we’ll contact you directly


A Trust Deed is Presented

AAA Private Money contacts you because an investment opportunity matches your needs.
AAA Private Money provides you due diligence information so you can review and decide if it's an investment you would like to pursue:

  • Appraisal or BPO (Broker Price Opinion)
  • Property information and Photos
  • Preliminary Title Report
  • Credit Report
  • Loan Summary

Once you review and send us your investment funds for that particular Trust Deed we will ask how you prefer to take title to the deed of trust and draft all of our docs accordingly.

At closing you will receive a package to sign and complete which will include:

  • Note Purchaser Qualification Checklist
  • Lender/Purchaser Disclosure Statement
  • Investor Suitability Representation Certificate
  • Any other relevant documents required by the Bureau of Real Estate

You Commit to an Investment
After signing all of the documents listed above, you can return all paperwork via email/docusign or FedEx along with a personal check, Cashier’s Check or wire to complete the investment process.

The Transaction Closes

Once escrow closes (deed of trust is recorded at the County’s Recorder Office), you will receive copies of the following:

  • Original Promissory Note
  • Copy of the Recorded Deed of Trust
  • Copy of the Title Insurance Policy

How the Investor receives Interest payments

We use Del Toro Loan Servicing (DTLS) for all of our servicing needs.  On a monthly basis DTLS collects the payments from the borrower and sends a check to you, the trust deed investor.  DTLS also offers direct deposit so your interest payments can simply appear in your account even while you are traveling.

If you have additional questions about the loan servicing side of things feel free to call us 760-828-8888 or DTLS directly at 619-474-5400

For more detailed information on the process and the paper work, please call the office at 760-828-8888 and request a free copy of California Trust Deed Investing. Or, click here for a free digital version.